Friday, March 29, 2013

RuPaul Cross Stitch Animation Workshop - WonderRoot Sessions

The are photos of the RuPaul Cross Stitch Animation Workshop from our time at WonderRoot.  We met over 4 Wednesday nights to learn cross stitch, view experimental animation, celebrate local drag, and discuss GIF culture.

Participating artists include:
Kimberly Binns, Romy Aura Maloon, Maggie Ginestra, Kaitlin Commiskey, Elizabeth Yates, Christa Tinsley Spaht, Jess Bernhart, Brooke Hatfield, Andre Keichian, Clay Butterworth, Olisa Corcoran, Tricia Hersey-Patrick, Katherine Bernhart, Sally Hansell, Sarah Durning, Rachel Burnstein, Genevieve Leavitt, Jared Dawson, Taryn Kelly, Nathan Sharratt, Adrienne Lowe, Nathaniel Smith, Ashley Anderson, Steve Sauer, Chris Seely, Sarah Martha Shipman, Jane Garver, Amy Salley, Lauren Cunningham, Mike Stasny, Lauren McDonald, Kate Doubler, Christina León, Ben Cheaves, and Drew Watts.

The workshop featured drag performances by:
Kryean Kally, Xee Xee Bow Dong, Justice Tyana Taylor, Lavonia Elberton, Cayenne Rouge, Violet Chachki (pictured above), & Ellisorous Rex.