Friday, February 20, 2009

Patricia Waller

Thanks to Pia for sending me the strange and amazing work of Chilean artist Patricia Waller. "Accident 2 : Tiger" is pictured above, and "Salomé" is below. She lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

"Accidents occur suddenly and unexpectedly. But we are caught off guard just as much by their crocheted depiction. The diligence and slow care apparent in the production of such crocheted objects renders the depicted bloody scenes of violence strangely absurd. Man-eating stuffed animals? Crocheted puddles of blood?

Of course these objects play to our craving for sensation. Human being are very rarely devoured by tigers, sharks, or crocodiles. Even more rarely will we be witness to such accidents. The fact that they loom disproportionally large in our imagination suggests that they point to something deeper within us, an irrational identification that profoundly perturbs and fascinates us."

- "Patricia Waller – Accidents" by Martin Oskar Kramer, Gallery Deschler, Berlin.


me melodia said...

This speaks my language.

Stephanie said...

That stuff is awesome!