Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Golden Moustache of Oliver Queen

I just finished this 'stashe for an upcoming show called the Golden Age of Comics and Cartoons at Eyedrum on December, 6th. This period lasted from roughly the 30's-40's. During this time, many heroes such as Superman, Batman & Robin, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash, and the Green Lantern were all created. Many of the other heroes from this time fell by the wayside at the end of the Golden Age. One who did survive is the Green Arrow. He was created in 1941, and his secret identity is Oliver "Ollie" Queen. Much like Batman, Ollie's a billionaire and is summoned by an arrowsignal. He also has an arrowcar for a ride and an arrowcave for a lair. Since he dons a Robin Hood style garb, his suit hasn't altered much over the years. The one thing that has is his facial hair. The dispute continues today.


rachelle said...

Ha! Awesome! I wish I could see this show!

miss a. said...

Ooooo, Aubrey, this shit is so good!!! I like your tigers.

Rahul said...

you havent updated in so long! i love spool spectrum more than perez!!! :(