Friday, October 31, 2008

The Smoking Room

This is the first embroidery that I ever made. The cigarette is a Parliament. My roommate Lanie used to smoke them, and I must have bummed one off of her. Looking back, my technique has changed so much since I made this. I've hung it next to my tie rack for years now. It reminds me of a parlour room.


Rahul said...

i love this!

em kempf said...

aubrey! im following you too now! have we met in real life? i think i would remember an aubrey... hm If you see me (in real life) give me a big high five and remind me who you are! I love this one! (the joker card) do you do this all the time? do you sell your embroidery? and last you want to sell your stuff at a lil get together im hosting @ wonderroot nov.22? or just come on down and play? this sure is long! i was just so excited that i had a follower besides my mom! heh! write me back! yay!

Joyce Melo said...

That is your FIRST embroidery ever?? It's damn cool!